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Key Aspects To Know About Shipping To Australia From The USA

Moving to a new place can be among the most thrilling and fun things to do, allowing folks to build better lives. Australia has become a prominent destination for many people worldwide, especially in the United States, as an increasing number of them make arrangements to call this country home.

However, there are some key things that shipping to Australia from USA should know by those who want to make the shift more comfortable and hassle-free. For instance, knowing the customs regulations beforehand can help you prevent trying to ship prohibited items.

Therefore, refer to the following information to learn about some vital things when shipping to this fantastic country from America.

Learn About The Prohibited Items

Migration to Australian cities like Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane has been increasing recently, with students and families choosing to call these fabulous global cities home. But it can be a massive challenge to know which items to ship and which ones to avoid for folks permanently moving to any part of the country.

Note that customs have stringent requirements in Australia, like in other major world countries, prohibiting specific items from being imported. These commonly include fruits, dried flowers, pet food, vegetables, tobacco, meat, packaged coffee and tea, and some types of wood. Even prescription medication is not allowed on the cargo, making it essential for people to make alternate arrangements once they land at their destination.

If you attempt to move these into the country anyway, it could lead to confiscation, significant fees, and delayed shipping. 

Know The Estimated Shipping Period

Since Australia and the US are not very closely situated, it can take some time for a fully loaded cargo container to reach the intended destination. Typically, it might take anywhere from two to three weeks but may be delayed due to additional circumstances such as the method of shipment – by sea will take longer.

An experienced global shipping company can help you move in less time, depending on the US state you are moving from, the quantity of the overall cargo, final destination, routes, customs preparation, and the type of containers used. Air freight will take much less time and allow you to move into your new home in Australia as quickly as possible.

Another critical thing to discuss with your shipping company is the routes they take due to certain restrictions in place. For example, shipping cargo to Australia through regions like Bangladesh and Egypt is forbidden.

Choose A Reputable Company

It is essential to rely on a reputable company if you want hassle-free shipping to Australia from the USA. Ideally, it is beneficial to choose an experienced door-to-door relocation company that ships to places worldwide, not just Australia, as it means they have the expertise to get things done quickly and efficiently. Also, determine the charges, mode of transport, and the types of items they ship all year round to understand their overall flexibility and affordability.

Reliable companies often ship vital documents, furniture, TV, and boxes, among other essential things, from places like Boston, New York, and other US cities to anywhere in Australia. They also provide over fifty percent discount on all primary courier services such as UPS and Fed-EX.

So, make sure to tie up with reputable companies that can handle all your personal items and get them safely and on time to your new home in Australia.

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