Oil Based Fragrances Are The New Wave Of Perfumes And Colognes

Cedric Rice who is the founder of Riceland Enterprises and a native of Birmingham Alabama. He operated a retail business in the Army exchange for many years. During this time he found that our young people were fond of the scented perfume and cologne oil fragrances. Many customers would leave the area and continue to call back in order to purchase the scented oils.

Mr. Rice decided to put the oil fragrances on the internet as a result of the demand for the product. Thus the web site located at was born. Mr. Rice prides himself in the fact that the oil fragrances which he provides are fresh and pure. He doesn’t mix them or dilute them in any way.

He still sells his products directly from his retail store and continues to ship orders from his store to places as far away as Afghanistan.

Her has found that many more people are turning to these fragrances because of the enormous savings which they realize and the excellent quality. Mr. Rice even encourages his customers to mix fragrances to come up with their own unique perfume or cologne. Many times customers want to keep his web site a secret so that no one else will know where they get their products but he encourages you to share with all of your friends.

Mr. Rice specializes in perfume and cologne fragrances which he has been in the business of providing to the public since 1989. He also offers potpourri oils and essential oils. Mr. Rice is easily accessible to his customers and can be reached at 912-877-4734 or Feel free to contact him at any time.

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