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Top Ten Extreme Machines From World Reviewer

World has researched and handpicked some of the most extreme machines you can try your luck at driving or riding in, anywhere in the world. From a Zeppelin to a submarine, there’s a machine for every fantasy.

Ice Rally, Bräcke, Sweden

For drivers looking for the ultimate thrill, a race track or even the desert will seem mundane compared to a frozen lake in a remote region in Sweden. Temperatures drop to up to –35 degrees Celsius and drivers often race the expansive ice in total isolation.

Motocross at Rhayader, United Kingdom

The Rhagade motocross series is an unofficial competition for professionals and amateurs. Participants race their way down a hillside, facing an exhilarating gauntlet of manmade obstacles and jumps plus natural challenging features.

Submarine Ride. Warrensburg, United States

There is scarcely a more perfect way to discover the beauty of coral reefs and the exotic range of marine life than through a submarine ride off the cost of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Trips last for about an hour and a half yet this seems hardly enough time to absorb the variety that the ocean depths can offer.

Fly a MiG Fighter over Moscow, Russia

Fancy living out all your Top Gun fantasies? Try this on for size and you’ll get to co-pilot a fighter jet and perform aerobatics, reaching an altitude of 80,000 feet at Mach 2.4 speed.

Supercars of Italy, Bologna, Italy

If you want to drive some of the world’s most beautiful sports cars along the winding, scenic roads that inspired their creation, then a supercar adventure should tick all the boxes. Take your pick from piloting a Ferrari, a Maserati (or whatever takes your fancy) along the Bologna mountain test roads, or taking the bends at the Monaco and Imola rack tracks.

Helicopter Pub Crawl, Rosehill, Australia

The fun of a pub-crawl is combined with the serenity of beautiful landscapes. Taking in some of the most beautiful scenery around Sydney, this unique tour takes keen adventurers whizzing through the air, stopping off at a range of hostelries along the way. The whole trip takes about seven hours – and if you’re nervous when you first go up, this soon dissipates as the blood alcohol content rises!

Zeppelin Flight, Friedrichshafen, Germany

The precursors to commercial airlines, Zeppelins are today enjoying a resurgence due to their low carbon impact on the environment. Take off from Friedrichshafen, birthplace of the Zeppelins, and enjoy an unforgettable flight over Lake Constance.

Snowmobiling on Pemberton Ice Fields, Pemberton, Canada

Race through acres of untouched wintery terrain or coast leisurely through snow covered ridges and valleys – either way snowmobiling is a fantastic way to explore and discover stunning winter landscapes.

Stunt Driving School, Chandler, United States

Famous alumni of Bob Bondurant’s School of High Performance Driving include Nicolas Cage. Now you to can learn to recreate the skids, handbrake turns and slalom maneuvers that made you hold your breath when you watched them on the big screen.

Zero-G Flying, Merritt Island, United States

Going into space probably ranks pretty high on the list of unbeatable destinations, but those of us who don’t have the Right Stuff should pay a visit to the Kennedy Center in Florida. After training with an experienced astronaut, buckle up for a 90 minute zero-gravity experience inside a G-Force One aircraft.

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