What should be your compensation for an injury claim in Roseville?

Following an accident due to someone’s negligence, victims often wonder whether they have a claim. If you were injured in such a mishap in Roseville and are pondering about your claim, you should seek help. While online resources can give you a fair overview of California laws, just knowing how the claims process work is not enough. You need legal expertise, and a Roseville injury lawyer can help with all that and more. What’s the worth of your claim? That’s the first question you may have, and in this post, we bring some key facts worth knowing.

The damages you can recover

A personal injury lawsuit is filed in civil court, which means that you are just seeking compensation and don’t want to punish the other party. You are not demanding they go to jail. As such, there are specific things you can recover through such a lawsuit. If insurance is involved, you will need to first file a claim with their insurer and negotiate a settlement. If things don’t go as planned, you can always choose to approach the local courts.

There are different types of losses that you can recover, including –

  • Pain and suffering: If you have suffered catastrophic injuries, you may have to live with the consequences for years to come, and the pain and suffering cannot be measured in words. Besides losing your job, you may have to miss out on day-to-day enjoyment, and therefore, the compensation should cover that.
  • Medical costs: You may also have to spend huge amounts on getting proper treatment, which may also mean going for surgery, multiple follow-up visits, and even physical therapy. The costs can pile up in no time, and therefore, it is best to have an attorney who can recover these expenses.
  • Lost wages: If you are likely to miss work due to your injury, either temporarily or permanently, you may have a financial situation to deal with. The compensation for your claim should ideally cover these losses, depending on your past earnings.

No two personal injury cases are the same

Because circumstances and other factors may vary considerably, no one can tell what the claim is worth for a victim. It is essential to consult an attorney who will guide you on the process and ensure that all bases are covered. The lawyer will also do a detailed investigation to find relevant details and evidence for your case.

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