50 Elegant Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women

For their adaptability, medium-length hairstyles for women are arguably the greatest among all the hairstyles you may choose. 

In addition to fitting every face shape, including square, oval, and heart-shaped faces, they also look great on thin and thick hair. 

Pick one of these 50 lovely medium hairstyles. Surely one will suit you! 

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Table of Contents

1. Round Faces with a Medium Cut

Women with round faces usually want their faces to look lengthened and slimmed down by a medium haircut with bangs and angled layers.


2. Collarbone Messy & Inverted Cut

The partial balayage style refreshes the angled bob for the best bed look for medium hair.


3. Ombre Shag with Middle Part

Shags are always in style as they give dimension and volume to the hair if chosen correctly. This also explains why medium haircuts work for virtually anyone. You can try to add a twist with the ombre method and spice up the overall look!

If your hair doesn’t have adequate length or volume, tape-in hair extensions at New Times Hair are a great option. They can provide layers to make the hair look thick, and you can get it styled straight away.


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4. Medium Hairstyle for Blondes

Shoulder-length blonde hair is best for the most attractive hairstyles. 

Outside of medium-cut, frosted blonde hair, it would appear somewhat unpleasant. If it’s longer, it looks strange; if it’s shorter, it could turn unintentionally edgy.


5. Piece-y Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs 

Wear one of the easiest and most elegant medium-length hairstyles available! The piece-y cut is appropriate for any occasion and style, whether formal or informal. 

You can adjust the shades to your comfort level and add some highlights and lowlights.


6. Choppy Wavy Lob

Looking for a short, shoulder-length hairdo that’s exciting but not too crazy? Afterward, opt for a choppy, long bob! 

It’s one of the women’s medium haircuts that brings out texture, especially when highlighted. For a bigger, voluminous look, add some waves.


7. Shaggy Cut with Curtain Bangs 

Add some simple shaggy waves to a shoulder-length haircut for women to make it extra cuter. Trendy!


8. Straight Blonde Lob

Want to project grace and elegance? Then you should try this straight lob. 

One of the best medium-length hairstyles for making you look effortlessly stylish anytime, everywhere, is the sleek lob. 

Additionally, it provides you room to try out different hairstyles and styling alternatives.


9. Voluminous Curly Messy Shag

Do you consider women’s medium haircuts to be boring? The greatest method to get the night’s most iconic look is with a messy side-parted bob with curls! 

One of the trendiest medium-length hairstyles for women who love the limelight is this one.


10. Shoulder-Length Centre-Parted Hair

Get a fresh look to start the new year. The center-part, newly cut shoulder-length hairdo is understatedly lovely.


11. Poker-Straight Piecey Shag

For their edgy, contemporary vibe, saggy haircuts with thinned-out bottoms are appealing.


12. Textured Blonde Lob with Shadow Roots

One of the most popular medium-length haircuts for women nowadays is still the lob. 

Combine it with shadow roots to ensure that you are unconcerned as your hair lengthens.


13. Medium-Length Brunette Hair

To enhance the attractiveness of your hair after cutting it to a medium length, add a balayage in a complementary hue. 

For brunettes with a medium haircut, golden brown highlights or darker blonde highlights are good choices.


14. Long Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

Caramel balayage on medium-length hairstyles is highly fashionable. 

The shaggy lob is so amazing that it gives the shoulder-length hair a naturally sun-kissed appearance. 

It is also relatively low-maintenance because the roots don’t spread out much. To make it more unique, add layers.


15. Midi Haircut with Flipped Up Ends

Women of all ages look great with a medium-length layered cut.


16. Soft Swoopy Layers 

In blowouts, medium hairstyles for women look stunning because you can display how your layers flow and how your color changes.


17. Choppy Layers and Curtain Bangs 

We strongly advise taking into account mid-length hairstyles with bangs. 

You’ll be astonished at how drastically these medium-length hairstyles may alter your mood! 

You’ll feel like you’re sixteen again, with the world as your oyster, with choppy layers and curtain bangs!


18. Edgy Lob 

A few inches of hair loss is in no way equivalent to sacrificing the elegance and beauty of your haircut. 

A medium haircut can be as unassuming or edgy as the wearer desires. 

Actually, there are no rules.


19. Neck-Length Lob with Swoopy Bangs

One haircut for medium hair that most women readily accept is the lob. 

The additional length adds movement and flare to the bob haircut’s traditional grace. 

Your lob is made even more elegant by adding finishing touches like swoopy layers and front highlights.


20. Choppy Layers with Highlights 

Even without styling, the shoulder-length haircut with distinct layers has a lovely texture and appears voluminous. Additionally, highlights give the appearance a romantic feel.


21. Ash Blonde Wavy for Medium Hair

One of the more daring medium-length hairstyles for women is ash blonde hair that has been tousled. 

It is flattering to all skin tones and goes well with all of the hottest mid-length haircut trends.


22. Midi Shag with Curtain Bangs

Women’s medium haircuts combine wonderfully with curtain bangs and are particularly flattering on women with round faces. 

For a revitalizing effect, add balayage highlights near your natural tone!


23. Choppy Feathered Lob with Balayage

Hairstyles for medium-length hair with feathery texture first gained popularity in the 1970s.

The technology, however, is still in great demand. Try out some cutting-edge hair colors for a stunning result.


24. Medium Length Piece-y Haircut

A piece-y cut is desired because of the elegantly tousled appearance it produces. You’ll look stunning wherever you go if you pair your medium haircut with a light balayage.


25. Medium Length Style with Feathered Layers

Do you enjoy medium-short hairstyles, but you prefer them to be pulled back from your face? 

You’ll look best in this cut with flipped-up layers! If you add a few bronze highlights, you’ll appear lovely and polished.


26. Shoulder-Length Bronde Shag 

The three hair lengths—short, long, and medium—can all be cut with graduated haircuts. 

They perfectly frame the face, and you can style them however you choose! 

Even better, you can combine lowlights and highlights for a chic and elegant appearance.


26. Shoulder-Length Bronde Shag

Short, long, and medium-length hair can all benefit from graduated haircuts. You can style them however you choose, and they perfectly frame the face! For a modern and chic appearance, you can also combine lowlights and highlights.


27. Layered Cut with a Middle Part

Rarely do medium-length haircuts with layers that lack structure or volume. 

Therefore, even if you don’t have time to style your hair in the morning, you still could get a polished look by adding a middle part to bring out its natural bounce and brightness.


28. Shaggy Mid-Length Cut

Messy medium-length hairstyles are appealing and entertaining and allow for experimentation. You won’t regret adding waves, highlights, or curtain bangs. So, do it!


29. Raven Black Retro Lob

This raven-black medium-length hairstyle for women is fantastic in many ways. It is combed over and layered at the ends. This lob has a throwback vibe, thanks to the flips.


30. Cute Messy Layered Midi Cut

Curl your medium-length hair and add face-framing bangs if you have them! It’s ideal for a summertime stroll along the coast or a romantic date. Babylights give any cut the illusion of depth.


31. Straight Angled Cut

If you appreciate the movement of your hair while worn down, the straight medium bob is the ideal hairstyle for you.


32. Tousled Layers and Shadow Roots

This female hairstyle is one of our favorites for medium length. You’ll adore it, too, because it’s creative, stylish, and requires minimal maintenance.


33. Shattered Piece-y Shag

A shaggy lob with lots of haphazard top layers will add volume and texture to fine or thin hair.


34. Beachy Waves

Try not to comb your hair while it dries by air-drying if it has a natural wave. The sea air appears to have shaped these unkempt waves.


35. Voluminous Shoulder-Length Cut

The cut’s swoopy layers give the hair the impression of being thicker than it actually is. 

If you use it on your shoulder-length hair, you can attend any event and go to any place.


36. Mid-Length Haircut with Bangs

A fantastic technique to style shoulder-length hair is to pair your medium haircut with appropriate bangs. 

Bangs work well with medium hairstyles and can be worn straight, side-swept, center-parted, or draped.


37. Side-Parted Bangs

Longer bangs look great with a medium-length hairdo. On all hair colors, the fringes that stretch past the eyes and graze the cheekbones or even the chin and are parted to frame your face look just lovely.


38. Messy Medium Hair with Highlights

Your medium hairstyles gain a magnetic pull of appeal with a dash of color, whether it be highlights or ombre. 

With such breathtakingly beautiful hair, it’s easy to see why female celebrities favor colored medium haircuts.


39. Cut with Swoopy Layers

This cut is simple and fashionable because it simply has two tiers of layers that will be where you want them to be!


40. Long Curtain Bangs

See how captivating these long, face-cupping bangs are? 

That is what we are referring to. 

Women’s medium haircuts go perfectly with long curtain bangs. She has an innocent and seductive aspect thanks to her parted bangs, which reveal her gorgeous face.


41. Straight Shoulder-Length Hair

Are you looking for women’s medium hairstyles but aren’t sure which one to pick? Every face shape looks good with straight, textured hair that is shoulder length, and it is quite simple to manage.


42. Medium Haircuts for Thick Hair

Have a thick mane? You now have yet another justification for getting a shoulder-length haircut. 

You’ll leave the salon grinning broadly with a sense of relief. More gorgeous, manageable, and textured hair.


43. Mid-Length, Wavy, Shattered Hair

It’s possible to achieve lived-in hair with a wavy mid-length cut that is enlivened by subtle highlights.


44. Two-Tier Cut with Angled Layers

Go heavy on the layers and keep your hair straight and silky for a stylish office-friendly appearance.


45. Shoulder-Length Mermaid Hair

Mermaid’s hair is achieved with the delectable toasted coconut balayage for wavy hair!


46. Classic Straight Lob

How about stylish, elegant long bobs? Women’s medium hairstyles continue to be a favorite since they have withstood the test of time and fashion. This polished and slick bob is young, trendy, and exquisite.


47. Fuzzy Medium Hairstyle 

Mid-length haircuts can be done to your precise preferences, whether you want them smoothed with a flat iron or ruffled into fuzzy bedhead hair. Your hair will always sparkle if you have highlights, of course. 


48. Inverted Hairstyle with Bents

Choose an inverted shaggy lob with bent waves if your face is round. 

Without following a diet, you can simply lose weight because of the greater length and angled design with sharp ends.


49. Collarbone-Length Thick Hair

The blend of blonde and brown highlights the shoulder-length haircut for thick hair’s silky smooth waves.


50. Layered Cut with a Side Part

Your new best friend is the uncomplicated side part and medium blonde layers cut!


Final Words

I believe you’ve enjoyed the tour going through the latest hairstyles for medium-length hair. However, if your hair doesn’t have enough length or volume, you can always try hair extensions or hair toppers for an immediate length or volume. 

Click here for the latest hair toppers and extensions to see which one will suit you.

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