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Art In The Square Delray Beach Welcomes Artist Susan J Cole To This Years’ Event

Susan J. Cole has been a practicing attorney in Florida for over 30 years, finding it difficult to find jewelry that was feminine and interesting, yet appropriate for the courtroom or the office, a few years ago, she decided that the best way to have the jewelry she wanted was to make it herself!

After receiving numerous compliments on the pieces she made for herself from friends and family, she began to exhibit at fine art shows throughout Florida under the name Singular Elegance.

Susan thoroughly enjoys the time she spends making each unique piece of jewelry, and has expanded her work to include pieces to wear on special occasions, as well as pieces for casual wear. She will also make custom pieces to any specifications.

Each and every piece of Singular Elegance Jewelry is unique and one of a kind. The necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are all handmade using freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, lamp worked and Italian glass.

Singular Elegance Jewelry uses only freshwater pearls, carefully chosen handmade Beads and fine quality Swarovski crystal to formulate pieces of jewelry art. Traditionally, cultured seawater pearls are used for pearl necklaces and earrings. Those are grown in oysters, are round in shape and very costly.

Freshwater pearls on the other hand, are grown in mollusks, and have many different shapes and sizes. A single mollusks can produce 10 or more pearls in colors which can range from white, lavender, peach, or pink. Other colors are produced by dyes which are introduced while the pearl is forming.

Because freshwater pearls are not manufactured, but produced in nature, many have lines, flat sides, or irregular surfaces. Their diverse beauty is recognized and emphasize in each creation of necklaces, bracelets and earrings from these unique products of nature.

What sets Swarovski Crystals apart from crystals from other manufacturers is their flawless precision cutting, polishing and full lead content, leading to unparalleled brilliance. Swarovski is known throughout the world for its crystal beads and collectibles. Their fully leaded Austrian Crystal is impeccably crafted and gives a touch of elegance and class to any jewelry design.

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