Avant Garde Jewelry– French Flair And Elegance With Revolutionary Design

Avant Garde is a Los Angeles-based jewelry brand that holds an uncanny knack for capturing designs that combine refinement with a cutting-edge aesthetic. Marie-Eve and Ami Par touché are the architects behind Avant Garde’s fun, original and minimalistic designs. Both designers are intimately involved with every process from the designs’ conception to the final touches that make each piece unique and distinguishable.

Named as “best of LA” by Los Angeles magazine, Avant Garde encapsulates luxury, elegance, and sophistication in timeless designs. The brand’s collections comprise of limited edition pieces, handmade in Los Angeles under the highest constraints of quality, making it one of the most respected names in upscale custom jewelry design.


Believing that unpretentious beauty can be reflected in the most unlikely places, Ami and Marie-Eve, like many true artists, use their life experiences and creative forces when designing. The designers’ vision is first realized with a pewter base, plated with silver or brass and sometimes further adorned with Swarovski crystals, stones and glass. Every Avant Garde piece is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, using no nickel or lead, making it an instant choice for the conscious female or male shopper.


Unmistakably feminine, and with lashings of style, the quality of Avant Garde’s designs is only matched by the quality of the finish. “Avant Garde’s philosophy is quite simple; it is the synonym for chunky-bold-stylish jewelry. Available only in selected locations, in limited quantities, Avant Garde aims to become one of the most coveted choices in fashion custom jewelry.


With fifteen years of experience in the industry, Ami and Marie-Eve Partouche create bold, stand-alone works of art.

Marie-Eve began her career in Ready-to-Wear, styling Parisian runways. In her quest for the most rare and unusual accessories, she started making a few pieces for herself. Her designs, a mixture between modernity and longevity, captured great attention. With the help and uncanny fashion sense of her husband Ami, Avant Garde was born in 2005.

Known for his non-conformist, visionary approach in jewelry-making, Ami mixes modern and traditional techniques. His design work uses the skills of hand and eye, and is entirely unaided by software. As a French style connoisseur, he is passionate for everything exceptional and rare. No wonder that most of Avant Garde’s creations are limited edition. “A statement piece on your wrist is 100 times more remarkable than a whole set of jewels from a chain fashion store” Ami explains.

Whether it is a pair of unusual silver earrings, an architectural brass cuff, an intricate necklace or a statement ring, it is always part of Avant Garde’s collection. “I am thrilled when I see an alluring, elegant, smartly dressed woman walking down the street wearing an Avant Garde piece of jewelry. This is exactly the type of woman that we are designing for”, Marie-Eve says.

Ami and Marie-Eve divide their time between Paris and Los Angeles and share a common passion for travel and discovering vintage treasures.


Avant Garde can be purchased at the brand’s flagship store on Melrose Avenue, bringing the designers’ unique and artistic French flair to the area’s shopping experience.

The brand is also available in numerous retail locations in the US as well as in Canada, Mexico, England and Singapore.

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