Benefits of Montessori Homeschooling

The Montessori method of learning was developed in the early 1900s by Dr. Marie Montessori, an Italian physician. Dr. Montessori based this approach on her observations of young children, and it is centered on respecting children. 

The Montessori curriculum focuses on certain guidelines.

  • Collaborative learning in a classroom with mixed ages.
  • Building confidence and independence.
  • Learning through movement. 
  • Self-directed learning
  • Developing and strengthening conflict resolution skills.

Principles of Montessori 

Beyond its guidelines, there are some basic principles of the Montessori curriculum. 

  • This style of learning is operated on the belief that the first six years of a child’s life are their most formative years. 
  • Every child should be treated with respect. 
  • Children can learn easily with the right opportunities and resources.

Modules of Montessori

Within the modules of Montessori are various different topics and learning methods.


Through stories, phonics, and language experiences, children can learn to read and write. Rather than teaching children memorization, this encourages them to understand what they are reading and writing, and there are many ways to make this activity fun.


Children must learn their various senses: smell, taste, touch, hearing, shape, form, etc. It is through these senses that they experience the world, so it’s important to help them understand the world around them. 


This module teaches practical life skills, like courtesy, social skills, cleaning, gardening, taking care of themselves, and learning movements like closing and opening. It provides stimulation for their minds and improves the muscle movements in their hands and fingers.


This module teaches children to understand both nature and the world around them. This is where science and geography are introduced using maps, puzzles, and pictures. Other cultural activities include music, animals, and arts and crafts.


Through activities, the child is taught mathematical concepts.

Why Choose Montessori?

This homeschooling style of learning helps children develop critical skills like problem-solving, compassion, patience, and self-discipline. When using the Montessori homeschool curriculum, the parent is not meant to direct the lessons but merely to guide their child as they make their own decisions in their learning. 


The Montessori method of learning can produce children who are informed and responsible, and there are other advantages it offers. 


For children, organization is important, not only for their minds but for their environment. The Montessori style of learning encourages organization; whatever environment your child learns in, try to ensure it’s uncluttered. After activities, dedicate time to putting supplies back where they belong.

Interest-Based Learning

In this model of learning, children are able to choose what activities and lessons they engage in. For many children, learning can be challenging either because they aren’t interested in the topic or the way the topic is being introduced to them. With interest-based learning, the activities and curriculum are set around the preferences of the child, which can make their learning more effective. 

Avoid Rewards and Punishments

This style of learning avoids both rewards and punishments. Rewards show that your child is good, but too many rewards teach your child that, in order to get a reward, they have to meet specific goals; if they meet that goal and there is no reward, the child might believe there is nothing worth working towards.  

Punishments for children hardly ever have positive outcomes. Punishments often fail to stop a behavior and can even increase the likelihood of that behavior recurring. Punishments can also cause emotional pain in children.


Through the Montessori learning style, children are able to develop autonomy. They can develop their own capabilities and learn how to effectively problem solve. As children make their own decisions and learn the consequences of their choices and actions, they can evolve into successful and accomplished adults. 

The Montessori method is beneficial for children of younger ages, and it helps them develop autonomy and make their own choices.

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