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How Women Prisoners learn Business Enterprise Skills You Need Know

Women Captures in HMP Eastwood Park near Bristol are learning how to set up their own businesses in a new education action. 16 women have formerly graduated from the six week course and plan to set up businesses ranging from hairdressers to cuffs
and forces. Education and training specialist Tribal is delivering the programme, known as SEED( Sustainable Enterprise and commission Dynamics), in a six month airman at Eastwood Park before it’s rolled out to other incarcerations. Written by Lynne Franks, author, life practitioner and advocate for women’s commission, the SEED accoutrements were acclimated for the captivity terrain by Trible’s post 16 education specialist, CTAD. The training is delivered by Tribal in confluence with the Learning and Chops Council and Strode College. The design is funded by the European Social Fund’s EQUAL Engage design to promote employability and entrepreneurship to malefactors. The enterprise course will help overcome walls which malefactors face when seeking employment similar as lack of qualifications or experience. Trible’s area director, Cheryl Westbury, commentary, “ Until meeting Lynne we set up it insolvable to reference a business course which meets the need of a captivity similar as Eastwood Park where women are generally there on remand for just seven to nine weeks. The SEED course is ideal as it offers guidance on motifs from life chops and business chops to finance, marketing and business planning in just six weeks. ” Lynne says, “ Working with women malefactors who had completed the SEED Women into Enterprise Programme and had created a new kind of vision for their lives was one of my most satisfying gests . Gaining chops and employment play a major part in reducing reoffending. Working for yourself allows women the inflexibility to still fulfil other places similar as watching for children. ” Lynne visited the captivity lately to carry out a factory for SEED graduates – photos available on request. – ends- farther Information and Photography from Catherine Dhantal, The Answer Ltd, 01883 650434 or [email protected] Notes to Editors Lynne Franks is presently appearing in the ITV TV series I ’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Tribal Group 1. ethnical is one of the most successful companies supporting the public sector in the UK moment. We’re a leading provider of professional support services, offering a range of consultancy and delivered services. Our development is over£ 250 million and we employ over people from a indigenous network of services. Our services are grouped into the ensuing areas consulting, technology, resourcing, education, property and dispatches. 2. Our services are handed to over public sector associations, substantially within training; fitness and colonial care; original administration, casing and juvenescence; and central government. We work with 80 per cent of secondary seminaries; 75 per cent of original authorities; 95 per cent of additional education institutes; 90 per cent of strategic health authorities; and 75 per cent of NHS trusts

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