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Russia Cannot Exclude Violence in South Ossetia

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that the Russian troops patrolling the Georgian region of South Ossetia are ready to get into conflict as a reaction to what he called the provocations coming from Tbilisi.

“The situation is very worrying and Georgian provocations continue even when we are so close to the anniversary of last year war ” reported AFP citing a statement of the spokesperson of the Russian MFA, Andrei Nesterenko’s statement.

“In connection with this, we have decided to change the status of Russian troops and border guards in South Ossetia which are all, now, ready to an eventual battle.” added Nesterenko.

Tensions between Moscow and Tbilisi have been rising on these last days before the first anniversary of the August war recurring this Friday. And Russia, immediately, warned authorities and public opinion saying that violent actions in South Ossetia cannot be excluded during the weekend.

“At the moment, the main effort is on not allowing shooting as this would bring to a dangerous escalation of violence, developing – probably ndr­- in a more serious collision. We are doing everything we can in order to avoid this to happen.” Nesterenko said in his note.

At the same time, then, the Russian news agency Interfax published an interview to Grigory Karasin in which the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs accused Washington to be behind a strategic rearming of the Georgian war machine.

Karasin said that Moscow will not keep its eyes closed anymore if United Sates administration will continue “ To arm an unpredictable regime with the pretest of helping Georgian democracy to consolidate”.

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